John ’Chibhodhoro’ Muyambo
Mdhara Chibhodhoro
Background information
Birth nameJohn Muyambo
Also known asChibhodhoro
InstrumentsNgoma, Bass Guitar
Years active1969 - Present
Associated actsTanga wekwa Sando, Safirio Madzikatire, Club HideOut 99

Chibhodoro (real name John Muyambo) is a Zimbabwean percussionist. He is known mostly for his theatrical playing of the percussion when he was part of the Tanga wekwa Sando's band. Muyambo earned the name Chibhodhoro from his days in the Mukadota drama series.


Chibhodoro was born in Mutare.

Real Name

John Muyambo


In 2021, Chibhodhoro had 10 grandchildren.[1]


Chibhodhoro is a Christian and a member of International Faith Apostolic Church in Budiriro.[1]


At the age of 19 in 1969, Chibhodoro joined the Great Sounds at Rambanai in Mbare then known as Harare Township. He went on to play at the Federal Hotel now known as Holly’s Hotel, with the Baked Beans.[2]

In 1973, he moved to Vito Tavern and El Morroca, now known as Live Wire. In 1976 he met Safirio Madzikatire and left Great Sounds for Safirio’s Ocean City Band. He left Madzikatire in 1983 and backed other groups on contract basis such as Oliver Mtukudzi's Black Spirits. [2]


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