Chief Kadungure Mapondera Guvhute was a Zimbabwean chief and one of the First Chimurenga heroes.


He was born in Mazowe near Nyota Hills to VaBiri, the senior wife of Paramount Chief Gorejena Negomo. Oral tradition states that his birth was a strenuous one that it needed the intervention of Mbuya Chahwe who was the medium of the Mbuya Nehanda spirit. Mbuya Chahwe was also related to the Negomo family.

Oral tradition further states that after Nehanda had made some offerings to the ancestors that the spirit of Sekuru Chaminuka is said to have reincarnated as a ghost scaring away her aides.

Whilst alone in the Nyota Hills, Nehanda directly communicated with Chaminuka who prophesied that VaBiri's son would grow up to be a great soldier.

When Nehanda descended the Nyota Hills, she was greeted by ululation from the women who had gathered around vaBiri’s hut after she gave birth to a baby boy who was immediately named Kadungure Mapondera Guvhute.[1]

Involvement In First Chimurenga

Mapondera led successful rebellions against colonial rule. He was later arrested and tried in Salisbury in 1901 where he was accused of several crimes, including allegations that he wanted to wipe out the white community in the Mazowe area.

He was sentenced to seven years in prison.[1]


Mapondera is said to have died in the arms of his wife who had visited him in prison. He is said to have gone on a hunger strike. The exact date of death remains unclear, with different historians placing it anywhere between 1904 and 1907.[2]

Historical records do not specify where Mapondera was buried, but as per tradition, his people are believed to have collected soil from where he is said to have died in Salisbury and placed it in the Nyota Hills, and gave the head of a cow and a length of cloth as a burial rite in 1940.[1]


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