Chimbizayi Ezekiel Caleb Sanyangare was and early nationalist. He was elected to the House of Assembly for Nyanga, Manicaland as a Zanu PF member.

  • 1963 - Active with Zanu in Salisbury
  • 1971 - Maintained Zanu contacts in Malawi
  • 1972 - Joined Zanu steering committee in UK
  • 1979 - Attended Lancaster House Conference.
  • 1980 - Zanu PF MP, Manicaland
  • 1981 - Member of Economic Planning and Development Sub-Committee, Nyautare Area. [1]

Personal Details

Born: 27 July 1939, Nyanga.
Father herbalist and wagon driver. Mother devout Anglican Church member. Last born of three children.
Marriage: to Patricia Matsvyi from Hwedza. They have two children.

School / Education

Primary: St David's Anglican Mission, Bonda.
Secondary: 1953, St Augustine's High School.
Studied Economics at Essex University.

Service / Career

1963 - joined Zanu.
Worked as a teacher at Bernard Mizeki College, then in Highfield. Taught sons of Josiah Chinamano, Tichafa Parirenyetwa, and Aiden Mwamuka.
1968 - left for Malawi. 1971, to the UK. PR and information networks for Zanu.
1979 - attended Lancaster House Conference.
January 1980 - returned to Zimbabwe and campaigned for Zanu PF.

In the Zimbabwe 1985 Parliamentary Election, Nyanga returned to Parliament:


Further Reading

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