Chindori Chininga
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Chindori Chininga
BornEdward Takaruza Chindori-Chininga
(1955-03-14)March 14, 1955
DiedJune 19, 2013(2013-06-19) (aged 58)
Cause of deathCar Accident

Edward Takaruza Chindori-Chininga was a Zimbabwean politician and member of the Zanu-PF. He was a Member of Parliament for Guruve South, and Minister of Mines and Mining Development from 2000 to 2004. Chindori-Chininga died in a fatal car accident in 2013 in what was called highly suspicious circumstances. Prior to his death, an anonymous Facebook page called Baba Jukwa predicted that Chindori-Chininga would be murdered.

In February 2018, a report purported to have caused his death was leaked online.

Personal Details

Marriage: to Linda.
He had a brother named Gilbert. [1]
Chindori-Chininga also left a daughter named Krystal.[2]
Death: On 19 June 2013, Chindori-Chininga was involved in a fatal road traffic accident. Chindori Chininga had his first accident in March 2012 in Mazowe and his brother said he had a sense of insecurity since then. Chindori-Chininga died when his vehicle rammed into a tree at Shinje turn-off along the Harare-Guruve road. He was subsequently declared a liberation war hero.[2]

School / Education

No information was found on his Junior or High School, or any tertiary education.


Nicholas Goche said he was invited to join provincial politics alongside Chindori-Chininga by Border Gezi in 1993.[2]

In the 2000 Elections, (see A History of Zimbabwean Elections) Guruve South returned to Parliament:

  • Edward Chindori-Chininga of Zanu PF with 19 988 votes,
  • Gift Chimankire of MDC with 3 239 votes.



In 2011, he was reportedly involved in a near fistfight with the Zanu PF co-chairperson of the then COPAC, Paul Mangwana. Zanu PF accused Chindori-Chininga of abusing his two roles, one as a member of Zanu PF’s select committee and the other as chairman of the Copac stakeholders committee. Speaking about the incident, Chindori-Chininga was quoted as saying:

“Yes, I lost my temper, but Mangwana has been pushing me too hard against the wall…I told him,…ndinokurova! …“It took Minister (Olivia) Muchena and others to restrain us. He (Mangwana) has not only clashed with me from the Zanu PF side of Copac.”


Zanu PF alleged that Chindori-Chininga was leaking ‘confidential’ party positions and information about the constitution-making process to rival parties. This was after a Zanu PF’s preliminary draft constitution framework was leaked to MDC-T and subsequently the media before Zanu PF could present it at Copac. He was suspended and later sacked from the constitution making board on the leaking allegations. But Chindori-Chininga was seemingly not deterred as he continued to ‘warn’ Zanu PF of bungling in the constitution making process.

Immediately after his ouster from Copac, there was a reported plot to oust him from Zanu PF. The Zimbabwe Independent reported that a petition crafted by youth leaders from Guruve, including Zanu PF national youth treasurer Obert Mutasa, started circulating ‘soon after Chindori-Chininga was fired from the Copac. Dickson Mafios allegedly thwarted the attempts to expel Chindori-Chininga. Other allegations levelled against Chindori-Chininga by Zanu PF included de-campaigning President Robert Mugabe and supporting Mavambo Kusile Dawn leader Simba Makoni in the 2008 harmonised elections.

He was also alleged to have voted for former MDC-T chairman Lovemore Moyo for the Speaker’s post in the House of Assembly. [3]

Baba Jukwa Death Prediction

Baba Jukwa warned that:

“The Mashonaland Central mafia is planning to sink Edward Chindori-Chininga and replace him with their puppet. They are accusing him of co-operating with Baba Jukwa to divulge information about some of the things that are taking place in the party and in the province.”

Leaked Document

In February 2018, a document titled First Report of the Portfolio Committee on Mines and Energy on Diamond Mining (with special reference to Marange Diamond Fields) was apparently leaked online. The document can be downloaded here: Report on Diamond Mining in Zimbabwe 2009 - 2013

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