Chipinge Bus Accident (16 April 2012)
Date16 April 2012
Location238km peg along Ngundu-Tanganda
CauseStray Donkey in the Road
Damagebus and haulage truck damaged


Date: 16 April 2012
Location: 238 km Ngundu Tanganda Road, Manicaland
Involved: Passenger Bus and Haulage Truck
Deaths: 5
Injuries: 11 injured
Cause of Accident: Donkey crossing the road

Accident Details

Four people died on the spot while the fifth one died on admission at Chipinge District Hospital. The bus was carrying 23 passengers and the driver tried to avoid hitting a donkey and swerved to the right side, but the vehicle hit the donkey with the front bumper and he lost control of the bus. The bus was travelling from Chipinge to Chiredzi when the accident occurred at the 238 km peg along Ngundu-Tanganda road in Manicaland Province.[1] The bus veered off the road to the right lane and subsequently hit the trailer of an oncoming haulage truck. Eleven other passengers were critically injured and are admitted at Chipinge District Hospital. Five people died in Chipinge in a bus crash on Monday night after the driver reportedly lost control when he attempted to avoid hitting a stray donkey and collided with an oncoming haulage truck.[1]


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