Chipo Bizure
Chipo Bizure
BornChipo Evah Bizure
  • Actor.
Parent(s)Susan Zvavare

Chipo Bizure is a Zimbabwean actress celebrated for her role in Studio 263 in which she played the role of Eve.


Bizure became a celebrity when she featured in the famous Zimbabwean TV Show 263Chat while she was still a full-time student studying for her O' Levels. Before she joined Studio 263, Bizure had been pursuing modeling and she was among girls auditioning for Miss Teen in Harare in 2003 when a friend told her that Studio 263 producers were looking for models to feature in a scene about Miss Harare pageant. She got the temporary role but did so well in the episode that the producers decided to make her character more permanent.[1]

She starred as Eve (derived from her middle name, Evah), girlfriend of Muvengwa (Nevernay Chinyanga). She captivated many viewers by how she was able to manipulate her "sugar daddy" Muwengwa to get her way.


  • Stage Plays*
    • Alone But Together
    • Waiting for Constitution
    • What they said, What they got
    • Rituals
    • Heal the Wounds
    • Harvest of Thorns


Personal Life

Bizure has said that they were paid quite well at her acting job at Studio 263 that she helped her mother complete building her house in Dzivarasekwa while she was still in form 4.

Chipo's first marriage was to fellow 263 actor Denzel Burutsa with whom she had a child before parting ways. She went on to marry two other men all of whom she eventually divorced. One of the men, Mapanda Kashweka is said to have abused her during their marriage which eventually resulted in their breakup. Her third marriage was to Silvanos Mudekunye but they also went separate ways.[2] Chipo Bizure's marriage to Mapanda Kashweka was mired in controversy with reports that Kashweka was married under customary law to Sibongile Mazungunya.[3]

Bizure has a daughter.


In June 2021, Daily News reported that Chipo Bizure was arrested for allegedly causing a scene at her married boyfriend’s house. The married boyfriend was identified by some publications as Sugar Chagonda.

Bizure was ringing the intercom uncontrollably and banging the gate demanding to see the married boyfriend which then created a scene. It is reported that she then got arrested after clashing with her lover’s wife.[4] Bizure was freed on $2 000 bail after appearing in court facing malicious damage to property and disorderly conduct charges. Reports states she would stand trial on June 23 2021.[5]

Bizure who initially pleaded guilty to the two charges of disorderly conduct and malicious damage to property, changed her plea to not guilty and was remanded to June 23 for trial commencement.

On June 8 2021 at around 2am, Bizure went to Fortunate Mapfumo's place of residence in Avonlea and started to ring the intercom demanding to see Chagonda. After being told that she must return in the morning, Bizure started blowing her car horn and banging the gate and when she discovered that the gate was not locked, she went inside and destroyed two bar stools that were on the veranda.

Upon hearing the noise, Mapfumo and her son went out and Bizure ran outside and locked herself in the car and was hooting at the gate till 5:30 am.

Bizure changed her plea and said she only hooted once and broke the barstools by mistake not intentionally as alleged by the State and is willing to compensate Mapfumo. The court heard that at around 6:30am when Mapfumo was about to go to work she saw Bizure parked at the gate blocking the way and she refused to remove her car saying one of the tyres had been deflated by Mapfumo’s gardener which prompted her to call the police leading to Bizure's arrest.[6]


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