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Professor Chipo Dyanda is a Zimbabwean academic and the current chairperson of Zimbabwe Airways formerly Air Zimbabwe.


She has served in various parastatal boards including the Zimbabwe United Passenger Company.[1] Dyanda is also a Pro-Vice Chancellor at the University of Zimbabwe.[2]

Defending Airzim Retrenchment and Rehire

It was reported that Air Zim retrenced more than 200 employees which is half of its workforce and rehired them in the same week after the retrenchment affected operations.This was done after a lawyer had been engaged and an audit by Enerst and Young Group had been ignored by the board .Dyanda in the defence was quoted as saying,

“This is a relocation of employees to the right positions for those who were sitting in positions not commensurate with their skills and expertise. This is a process that will continue until we are satisfied we have done the best we could,

The board and management decisions were professional and strategic for the revival of the airline. This airline is due for revival and this restructuring is one of the cornerstones of this revival. Retrenchment is one of the results of restructuring

We refer to it together with many documents and policies that have searched and continue to search for solutions to revive the airline. We can only take those ideas that are relevant and consistent with the issues at hand. It is part and parcel of contributions to a search of solutions, but does not fit everywhere, every challenge or direction,[3]

Zvimba Debt

In December 2017 Dyanda was reported to be facing losing her 38-hectare plot in Zvimba. The issue was raised by Chief Zvimba during a council meeting. The chief questioned the status of the plot with Zvimba RDC chief executive officer Mr. Peter Hlohla saying that they had engaged Dyanda and asked her to make a payment plan and service the remaining amount.Air Zim Boss Set To Lose 38-Hectare Plot Over Debt


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