Chipo Muchegwa

Chipo Muchegwa is a Zimbabwean musician known for the songs Moyo Wangu and Ndizvo Zvandiri.


Chipo was born without arms and with limb abnormalities which left her with very short legs.[1]

Real Name

Her real name is Talent Muchegwa.[2]


Chipo Muchegwa has a daughter named Ribbon Matipaishe with Sniper Storm. Her daughter was born on April 24, 2020. [1]


Her version of Steve Makoni's Handiende is part of a compilation by Mono Mukundu titled Anatha Brick that features the works of various musicians Mukundu worked with in 2019. The album contains nine singers including the likes of Mbeu, Jane Doka, Bongo Riot, Kambo Boys, Baba Taps, Dereck Mpofu, Patience Musa, Rati Mpeswe, McIntosh Jerahuni, Klara Wojtkowska, Tafadzwa Matiure, Chihuri Girls and Studio Blunders. [3]


She was nominated in the Arts Personality of the Year (Female) and PWD Achiever of the Year Award categories in the Norton Achievers Awards. Chipo Muchegwa won the Arts Personality of the Year Award.[2]


Chipo Muchegwa Moyo Wangu (OFFICIAL VIDEO)


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