The Commission of Inquiry on State Land is an inquiry which was set out to investigate the sale of State land in and around urban areas in Zimbabwe. The Commission of Inquiry on was appointed by former President, Robert Mugabe in 2005 and was sworn in by President Emmerson Mnangagwa in 2008. The appointment of the Commission followed the illegal settlements in most urban areas, most of which were established from the illegal sale of State land by land barons.

The Commision Terms of Refference

  • (i) To investigate and identify all State land in and around urban areas that was acquired and allocated to the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing for urban development since 2005;
  • (ii) To investigate and ascertain the status of such land in terms of ownership, occupation, and development; (c) to investigate methods of acquisition and/or allocation by current occupants and owners of such land;
  • (iii) To investigate and ascertain the actors involved in allocations, occupation, and use of such land;
  • (v) To conduct visitations where necessary, summon witnesses, record proceedings, minute testimonies, and document, consider and manage all information gathered in order to arrive at appropriate findings and recommendations to the President;
  • (vi) To investigate any other matter, which the Commission of Inquiry may deem appropriate and relevant to the inquiry; to report to the President in writing, the result of the inquiry.[1]

Members of the Inquiry

  • Secretary of Inquiry = Virginia Mabiza

Other Members

  • Vimbai Nyemba
  • Andrew MLalazi
  • Stephen Chakaipa
  • Tarisai Mutangi
  • Heather Chingono
  • Petronella Musarurwa.[1]


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