Coudjoe Amankwaa

Coudjoe Amankwaa was a Ghanaian-born naturalised South African award-winning television personality.


Amankwaa left Swaziland where he had been working since 1992 and went to South Africa in 1994 and started working for Sowetan. Coudjoe Amankwaa later joined the Citizen newspaper, and from the Citizen, he joined the SABC as his last employer.[1][2]


Coudjoe Amankwaa was married to Ophelia Amankwaa and left three kids a boy named Junior and daughters Annie-Marie and Rosemary.[3]


Amankwaa was a presenter on Soccer 411 and Laduma.[4]

Homophobic Tweets

In 2015, Coudjoe Amankwaa was told to apologise for "unpleasant" homophobic comments made on Twitter.

In a statement, Amankwaa said: “I would like to apologise to the SABC, an esteemed institution that embraces diversity, and to the South African public at large for the harm caused by what was written on my Twitter account.”

His tweets read: “Is gay a naturally born condition or a choice? The mere fact that you cannot respond rationally on the issues of gayism shows that it’s a problem and abnormality.”[5]


Coudjoe Amankwaa died on 23 July 2021 from cardiac arrest. Amankwaa apparently was rushed to Sandton Mediclinic when he “couldn’t wake up for supper and upon arrival at hospital he was declared dead”


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