Disc Jockey (DJ)
DJ Skywalker
Ndumiso Dube
BornNdumiso Dube
  • Disc Jockey (DJ)
EmployerStar FM
Spouse(s)Shylow Chabata, Getrude Maseko, Tendai Manyame, Mandida Mpofu and 4 others

Ndumiso Dube is a Zimbabwean Star FM radio DJ. He is known more by his moniker DJ Skywalker. He rose to fame when he became a dj at Star FM. He however shocked many of his fans when it was revealed that he has eight wives of which he was being unable to cater for all his children. He is now known as a 'super dad' as well as being ranked amongst the 'top' Zimbabwean men known for having an insatiable thirst for women.


Dube was born in 1986. Two of his wives claim that he is not educated and that he doesn't even have a Grade 7 certificate.[1]


Despite being the favourite of many, DJ Skywalker has been dubbed as one of the worst DJ's the country has ever produced. He currently has eight wives and according to him, he still can have more of which it is apparent that he is incapacitated to take care of his big family. He has been accused of manipulating the Star FM WhatsApp platform to lure women and in the process impregnating them.[2] It seems that more women impregnated by DJ Skywalker are still to come up as the DJ is still being accused of abusing the radio's platform to lure women.

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On 19 January 2015, he caused a stir at the civil court in Harare as he was arrested immediately after he was ordered to pay US$80 for the upkeep of his child with Tendai Manyame, one of his estranged wives.[2] This time around it was Getrude Maseko who was accusing him of neglecting his children. Maseko was quoted saying,

You should be ashamed of yourself, why do you go about impregnating other people's daughters when you know you cannot take responsibility? You should learn to keep your zip shut rather than making people suffer. You thought you were man enough, be man enough to pay my mother her (lobola) money as well and you not ashamed that you owe her US$100 which you are failing to pay.[2]

Despite this, DJ Skywalker recent wife, Mandida Mpofu, who is based in the United Kingdom, revealed that she was prepared to provide his lover with all the money to enable him to relocate to UK.[1] This was rubbished by Skywalker's wives who argued that he would use the money to lure and impregnate more women.


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