DJ Towers
DJ Towers.jpg
BornTawanda Marimbe
EducationMidlands State University
  • Social Media Influencer

DJ Towers real name Tawanda Marimbe is a Zimbabwean social media influencer and music producer.


Real Name

Tawanda Marimbe.[1]


In January 2020 there was a report that Teemak and Mr Styllz had bought a car for DJ Towers.[1]

In 2021, DJ Towers said he was driving an Audi.[2]


He has three residential stands – one in Bulawayo, the second in Zimre Park and another in Borrowdale.[2]


DJ Towers is a holder of a Bachelor of Accounting Degree from Midlands State University.[1]


Dj Towers is the founder and leader of the Offside Ministry. He rose to fame as part of the TEAMBHO hip hop movement. His Instagram account has a huge following which has seen him attract deals, commercial endorsements and touring across the world.[1]

Begging Allegations

In 2021, DJ Towers was labelled a beggar by many social media users due to the questionable way he conducts his business.

Some people also described DJ Towers as a ‘bootlicker’ to the rich and famous so as to make personal gains. Responding to the allegations, DJ Towers said:

"Vanhu vasina kufunda vanodaro, I am not a beggar I exchange my services for payment. I am a marketing guru on social media in Zimbabwe. I have various endorsement deals with many companies. It’s just that I’m someone who is grateful, my mom raised me to be a grateful person. I will be thanking the people that have made an impact and brought change to my life, not that I will be begging them."



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