DKT real name Dallas Mazorodze is a Zimbabwean music producer known for working with the late Zimdancehall musician Soul Jah Love.

Dallas is the leader of DKT Records which has recorded artists like Soul Jah Love, Dobba Don, Dadza D among others.


Real Name

Dallas Mazorodze


He started DKT Records in 2015. In 2018 DKT launched the Boss Gaga Riddim to celebrate DKT Records' third anniversary. The riddim featured musicians such as Soul Jah Love, Seh Calaz, Hwindi Prezident, Dadza D, Kinnah, Jah Signal and Lady Squanda among others.

The riddim was sponsored by Boss Gaga. DKT also produced Street Combined riddim, Back up riddim, The Shop riddim, Take All riddim and Ndini Here riddim.[1]


DKT was accused by musician Flex Tattle of sabotage and squandering his money. In response, DKT accused Flex Tattle of character assassination saying he fired him and his colleagues due to drug abuse.

He said:

"They are just trying to paint my character dirty because I expelled them from DKT Records. I expelled them because of drugs."

Flex Tattle said DKT imposed himself as his manager and sabotaged him on proceeds from the big shows he performed at. He said:

“I was recorded with T Jay at DKT Records, but Dallas only appeared during functions and deals that involved money. He started acting as my manager as all calls about my show bookings and other business were done through him. The shows that I performed such as Naka Dhula Dhaka, Morgan Heritage at HICC, City Sports, Aquatic Complex and others I only got transport money and I was never paid anything though I was supposed to be rewarded for my services. The other day Baba vaBrady, one of DKT business partners, found a sponsor for me by the name Boss Gaga. He paid the studio time for my first album Mandiziva Here. And he paid for the City Sports Centre venue for the album launch on April 27, 2019. Boss Gaga also sponsored me with money for clothes but Dallas went on to buy second-hand clothes from bales."



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