The Daily News is a privately owned newspaper and media organisation in Zimbabwe published by the Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe in the capital Harare. It was founded in March 1999 with Geoffrey Nyarota as its founding editor. The paper is known for having its printing press been bombed on 28 January 2001, being shut down by the government a year later, and returning to the streets 7 years later on 18 March 2011. The paper is currently in operation and is one of 3 privately owned daily newspapers in Zimbabwe. The current ANZ group editor is Stanley Gama.

Daily News
Industry Media
Founded March 31, 1999 in Harare, Zimbabwe
Headquarters Harare, Zimbabwe
Parent Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe
Slogan "Telling it like it is"



The Daily News hit the streets first on 31 March 1999 as one of the country's only privately owned (referred to some as an opposition paper to the Zanu-PF Government of that time) daily newspaper. The other daily, owned by the government, was The Herald. Another privately owned paper The Daily Gazette had, had been shutdown a few years after being launched, leaving The Herald the only daily. Daily News launched with Wilf Mbanga as its chief executive officer, Geoff Nyarota its editor and Conrad Nyamutata its first chief reporter.[1] With the motto Telling it like it is, the publishers vowed that the paper would be neither pro-government nor anti-government but would be a medium of vibrant discourse among the divergent social, political and religious groups.[2]

The paper quickly became more popular than the Herald, and it's been said, people would scramble for a copy each morning.[1]

Later, Zimbabwean entrepreneur and owner of Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, Strive Masiyiwa, became the majority shareholder and it's said he continued paying full salaries beyond the shutting down of the newspaper after its operating license was revoked by the Government of Zimbabwe when Daily News defied the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (AIPPA) in September 2003.[1]

Major Events

Being critical of the ZANU PF government, the paper's journalists were constantly harassed including Nyarota who was arrested more than six times before being forced out of the country into exile by the government.

Zimbabwe Daily news bombing 28 January 2001


In its first year, the paper reached a readership of 105,000 surpassing that of the Herald which had been in circulation since 1980. The Zimbabwe All Media Products Survey (ZAMPS) of 2011 rated the paper the second behind of the Herald. The latest survey (2013) shows that the paper is still in second position in terms of readership.[5]

Unearthing of Scandals

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