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Dairibord Zimbabwe Private Limited (DZPL) is owned 100% by Lavenson Investments (Private) Limited which is 100% owned by Dairibord Holdings Limited. Dairibord Zimbabwe Private Limited is the flagship subsidiary of Dairibord Holdings Limited.[1] It is arguably the biggest dairy products company trading in Zimbabwe and is also listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange.

History of the Company

The history of the company starts when it was still the Dairy Marketing Board (DMB) which was state owned parastatal. In July 1994, following the change in the legal status of the company from a parastatal to a commercial company under the government's Economic Structural Adjustment Programme (ESAP), the name of the company changed to Dairibord Zimbabwe Limited (DZL) and the company was incorporated. In July 1997, Dairibord became the first state- owned company in Zimbabwe to privatise, and listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange the same year.[1] In 2006, the company transformed into a holding company with four subsidiaries - Dairibord Zimbabwe (Private) Limited, Lyons, Dairibord Malawi (Private) Limited and NFB Logistics (Private) Limited.. The name of the holding company changed to Dairibord Holdings Limited. Dairibord Zimbabwe (Private) Limited is the subsidiary that manufactures and markets liquid milk, food and beverage products.[1]


Dairibord Zimbabwe Private Limited is one of the largest manufacturing and marketing companies in Zimbabwe with seven factories located in Harare, Chitungwiza, Bulawayo, Gweru, Kadoma, Mutare and Chipinge.[2] The operations in Malawi are located in Blantyre and Mulanje District.The company was originally a state owned enterprise established for the purposes of processing and marketing milk products which was successfully privatized by the Government of Zimbabwe.


Liquid Milk

  1. Dairibord Fresh Milk
  2. Dairibord Lacto Cultured Milk
  3. Dairibord Chimombe UHT Long Life
  4. Dairibord Steri Milk
  5. Dairibord Supermilk Long Life Milk
  6. Dairibord Fresh Cream.[1]


  1. Dairibord Yu-mmy Flavoured Yoghurts
  2. Dairibord Froot Scoop Fruit Yoghurts
  3. Dairibord Fat Free Yoghurts
  4. Dairibord Natural Yoghurts
  5. Dairibord Cheese
  6. Dairibord Ice Creams (Bulk)
  7. Dairibord Ice Cream (milk based sticks and ice lollies)[1]


  1. Dairibord Fun n' Fresh Juice
  2. Dairibord Natural Joy Juice
  3. Dairibord Aqualite Mineral Water.[1]

The Dairibord Rugby Festival

Dairibord Rugby Festival

Dairibord Zimbabwe Private Limited in 2014 assumed title sponsorship of the annual schools rugby festival which has now been renamed the Dairibord Zimbabwe Rugby Festival. Lyons chipped in as subsidiary sponsor of the tournament. The annual festival is arguably the biggest schools rugby event of its kind in the world. The event was held at Prince Edward High School, Harare. A total of 168 boys and girls school teams participated in the festival and this saw Zimbabwe rugby fans brushing shoulders with players from the region.[3]

Dairibord’s involvement with sports in this country spans many years and this sponsorship is strategic for Dairibord and has fit with the Group’s ‘sustenance of good health’ mantra. Sports plays a major role in building character, promoting a healthier way of life and unifying people. Participation in sports, especially by the youths, helps one to stay in shape while at the same time developing talent to the benefit of the participant and the nation at large.[3]

Financial Challenges

Listed milk processor Dairibord Zimbabwe Holdings Limited (Dairibord) incurred a $3,1 million operating loss in the half-year to June 2013, weighed down by plant rationalisation and retrenchement costs.[4] In early 2013, the company had to shut down its Bulawayo and Mutare plants to remain with two in Harare and Chitungwiza. The move was targeted at consolidating operations and cut costs.[4] Leonard Tsumba, the group's chairperson, said the $4,3 million once-off payment which related to retrenchment packages, relocation of plant and equipment and impairment of equipment, spares, materials and receivables — ate significantly into the company’s headline earnings.[4] In the year 2013 alone, the company incurred about $800.000 in retrenchment costs and this contributed to considerable losses as a result of the downsizing initiative.[5]


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