Dan Stannard
Dan Stannard
BornDan Stannard
Peshawar, India (Now Pakistan)
Known forCIO and Gukurahundi

Dan Stannard is a former Central Intelligence Organisation an organisation he served before and after Zimbabwe's war of independence. After retiring from the CIO, Stannard became a cricket sports administrator.


Stannard left India in 1947 after the country had gained independence from the British and grew up in Lichfield, UK. Later his family moved to Liverpool. In the UK, he did National Service in the British army. After his national service, Stannard decided to join his brother, Peter, in Southern Rhodesia. Peter was with the British South African Police (BSAP).


After moving to Southern Rhodesia, Stannard joined the BSAP in March 1957. Before Independence in 1981, Stannard had the position of Special Branch JOC Officer. Special Branch became the Central Intelligence Organisation after independence. Stannard was involved in the SB's attempt to rig elections in favour of Abel Muzorewa in the 1981 general election. After Zimbabwe's independence, he continued with the CIO until 1994 when he retired. At the time of retirement, Stannard had the position of Director Internal. Stannard was however still involved with the CIO as a consultant until 1996.

Thereafter, Stannard joined the Zimbabwe Cricket Union as director of tours and manager. Stannard eventually moved to the UK in 2003 apparently fearing arrest and political harrassment.[1]

Stannard said in an innterview in 2008 that after Independence, he enjoyed (then Minister) Emmerson Mnangagwa's support in CIO operations.[1]

Role in Gukurahundi

Stannard has been identified by some accounts as one of the two people (the other being Emmerson Mnangagwa) who were "lead instigators and enforcers" of Gukurahundi.[2]


Stannard's nickname is "Danny Boy".


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