Dananai Chipunza
Danani Chipunza, Miss Carnival Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe International Cultural Food Festival
Image Via: Herald
BornDananai Ratidzo Chipunza
EducationChefs Culinary Academy, South Africa
  • Model
  • Chef
  • Entrepreneur
Notable workMiss Carnival Zimbabwe (2013), Most Promising Teen-Miss Teen Zimbabwe (2010)

Dananai Chipunza is a Zimbabwean model, chef and entrepreneur who won the Miss Carnival Zimbabwe pageant in 2013. During her tenure she assisted the underprivileged through her "Fund a Future Trust". She is also the founder of the Zimbabwe International Cultural Food Festival. In August 2015 she caught media attention when nude pictures of her leaked.


Dananai Chipunza was born in Harare in a family of two.[1]


Dananai attended Eaglesvale High School where she completed her Ordinary Level before proceeding to Chefs Culinary Academy in South Africa.[1]


Dananai started modelling when she was a teenager in 2010 when she entered the Miss Teen Zimbabwe 2010 pageant where she was voted the Most Promising Teen.[1]

In 2013, Dananai entered the Miss Carnival Zimbabwe pageant where she was crowned queen ahead of 18 other contestants on 17 May 2013.[2] By virtue of being Miss Carnival Zimbabwe, Dananai went on to represent Zimbabwe at the Miss Tourism International pageant that was held in December 2013 in Putrajaya, Malaysia.[3]

Though she did not bring the crown back to Zimbabwe, she finished in the top 10 [4] and was the second African to do so at the time in the history of the pageant.[5] Apart from her top ten finish, Dananai was also third at a talent show that was held in the run-up to the grand finale.[6] She was also appointed the brand ambassador for the Asian Metropolitan University in Africa which entitled her to a scholarship at the university.[7]

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Charity Work

In October 2013, Dananai hosted a fundraising dinner dubbed "Fund a Future" at the Rainbow Towers' VIP Lounge to mobilise funds to assist orphans living with HIV and AIDS.[8] She also got a US$50 000 donation towards her "Fund a Future Trust" charity project from Zimbabwean business personality Wicknell Chivayo. At the time the Trust was looking after 30 HIV positive orphans that Dananai had identified from various Harare suburbs such as Highfield, Glen Norah and Dunsten Farm.[6]

Leaked Pictures

In August 2015 there were reports that nude pictures of former Miss Carnival Zimbabwe, Dananai Chipunza had leaked on social media. In one of the pictures, Dananai is seen bare breasted while the other one is of her on a bed legs astride exposing her privates.[9] Dananai was alleged to have taken the pictures herself though there was no idea of how the pictures could have been leaked. Chipunza declined to comment when she was asked to shed more light on the pictures.[9]


  • Her nickname is DRC
  • She is left-handed
  • She sleeps on the right side of the bed
  • She loves eating t-bone and sadza
  • The first song she fell in love with is Waters Run Dry by Boyz II Men [10]

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