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Herbert Chitepo, Chairman of Dare ReChimurenga, until his assassination in 1975

Dare ReChimurenga was a Zanu War Council that led in the confrontation with the Rhodesian colonial regime as part of the Second Chimurenga. Dare ReChimurenga was initially led by Herbert Chitepo as chairman and Noel Mukono as Secretary of Defence. Dare ReChimurenga was created as a wing of the Zanu party soon after its formation in 1964.

Dare ReChimurenga has been likened to the modern day politburo in Zanu-PF. The Dare met regularly with the High Command. It's role in the liberation war was to deal dealt with administrative issues while High Command comprised commanders responsible for executing the war. Dare ReChimurenga would source materials for the war from all over the world. This Dare was like some central government outside Rhodesia.[1]


Members of the Dare reChimurenga elected at the biennial conferences and their portfolios. The Dare was expanded from four to eight members in 1969. At the 1971 review conference two people lost their positions and one resigned. Of those elected in 1971, four people were replaced at the 1973 conference and the military was represented for the first time when Tongogara came in.[2]


1969 Biennial Review Conference

1971 Biennial Review Conference

  • Herbert Chitepo - Chairman
  • Noel Mukono - Defence
  • Henry Hamadziripi - Finance
  • Mukudzei Mudzi - Administration
  • Richard Hove - External Affairs
  • Washington Malianga - Publicity
  • Stanley Parirewa - Welfare and Social Affairs
  • Simpson Mutambanengwe - Political Affairs

1973 Biennial Review Conference

Sellouts in the Dare ReChimurenga

It has been alleged by some members of the Dare ReChimurenga that some leaders in Dare ReChimurenga were selling information to the Smith regime.[3]

Assassination of Herbert Chitepo

After Herbert CHitepo's assassination at his home in a car bomb in 1975 in Lusaka, Zambia, some Dare ReChimurenga Gumbo and Kangai were arrested by the Zambian government. Speculation was rife Kangai was involved in the murder of Chitepo, but Gumbo defended him. Later in an interview Gumbo said:

We were arrested by the Zambian government on March 18, 1975 over the murder of Chitepo but we put out a position that he was murdered by the Rhodesian forces. We were incarcerated in Zambia at Kabwe Maximum Prison which is just like Chikurubi Maximum Prison here. Kangai was not involved in the killing of Chitepo even though all of us were arrested; none of us was involved. There was nothing of that nature.[4]


  • The Dare ReChimurenga would coordinate its activities with those who were in prison in Rhodesia using letters that were smuggled into the prisons. These prisoners would help with advice [1]


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