David Kunyongana

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David Kunyongana
Personal details
DenominationChristian, African Reformed Church of Zimbabwe
OccupationReligious Leader

David Kunyongana is a Zimbabwean cleric and founder of Anglican Reformed Church of Zimbabwe.


Kunyongana was once priest in the Anglican Church of Zimbabwe and was stationed at Dzivarasekwa church in Harare. He once served as vicar before he was demoted in 2010. He had also been re-appointed vicar general pending an election. He broke away with a number of priest and pastors including Pastor Simeon Makove.[1]


Breaking Away

Kunyongana led the break away church from the Anglican Church of Zimbabwe which was led by Nolbert Kunonga.[1] The break-away was as a result of serious differences which emerged between Kunonga and Kunyongana factions. At one point in time the differences assumed a violent form when the two groups fought each other Dzivarasekwa church and the Police finally restored sanity. After the controversial split, Kunyonga went on to lose his position as the leader of the church paving way for the coming of Chad Gandiya.[1]

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