De Lukes

De Lukes, real name Luke Kamanga, is a Zimbabwean musician and one of Ngoma Ingoma’s lead vocalists.


De Lukes was born and bred in Bulawayo.

Real Name

Luke Kamanga


Solo Career

As a solo musician, De Lukes in 2021 revealed that he was being managed by United Kingdom-based arts management company, Sapphire Rock. De Lukes said pushing a solo career does not mean he will be leaving Ngoma Ingoma.

De Lukes was invited to the Jozi Book Fair in 2015 where he performed alongside Harmonic Rhythms. He has also performed at leading local festivals such as Intwasa Festival koBulawayo, Ibumba Festival, Harare International Festival of Arts, Karibu Music Festival (Tanzania) and Watana Festival (Mozambique).[1]


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