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Delani Makhalima
Delani Makhalima
  • Songwriter
  • Music Producer.
RelativesSanii Makhalima

Delani Makhalima is a prolific Zimbabwean song writer, singer and producer. He made history by becoming the first artist to produce a full album featuring young artists which marked the birth of the Urban Grooves music. The compilation album propelled him to national stardom with hits such as David Chipfunyise's 'Tauya Naye'. He is credited for establishing many of the youthful artists such as Plaxedes Wenyika and Sanii Makhalima.

As a producer

One of the best producers of the New Millennium, Makhalima teamed up with businessman Gilbert Muvavarirwa to record a compilation 'The Future' in 2002. He recorded the album at his Galaxy Records. The album was to mark the birth of a new genre, which was to be termed 'Urban Groves'. The album carried compostions from David Chipfunyise, Sanii Makhalima, Willom Tight, Roki, Leonard Mapfumo, Stach, Decibel, Betty Makaya, Extra Large, Maskiri, and Alexio Kawara.[1] Since then, Makhalima never looked back producing many of today's big names such as Roy and Royce, and many more.

As a Musician

He showed his versatility when he formed the group Second Nature with Dino Mudondo in 2000. The group used to grace fashion and beauty pageants.[2] After the group split, Delani went on to form another outfit ?uess (Guess) with Alexio Kawara, Brain Garikai and Donda Khumalo. The group was to define Delani as a competent musician. The group went on to release the hit 'Amai' which made airwaves. The song made it in the top chart show on a local radio stations becoming the third best song of the year 2000 [3] He ad written songs for his brother, Sanii Makhalima and many other artists.

As a Radio Personality

Delani has worked on various radio stations in the country and abroad. In the late 2000s he joined South African radio station Metro FM, as a trainee presenter. After a couple of months he landed himself a slot on the station hosting a show called the 'Playground' every Saturday and Sunday mornings.[4]


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