Devera Ngwena Jazz Band was a music band popular in the 70s in Rhodesia and 80s in Zimbabwe. It was led by Jonah Moyo.

The band's Name

Jonah Moyo himself explained that there's a type of bream fish found near crocodiles and that when one see this type of fish they should know a crocodile is nearby. The fish, he said, is therefore referred to as devera ngwena. He described how the band adopted the name:

We played at different sections within Gaths Mine and because we were very popular, we used to get our fans following us from one section to the other. Then someone remarked, "idevera ngwena chairo" and the name stuckl just like that.[1]

Band Members

  • Jonah Moyo (Leader, leader guitarist, lead singer and composer)
  • Jabulani Bitu (Rhythm guitarist)
  • Robson Banda (Bass guitarist)
  • Eliot Vhiyazhi (Bass guitarist)
  • Innocent Bitu (Bass guitarist)
  • Patrick Kabanda (Drummer)
  • Johnasi Machinya (Vocals)


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