Dexter Mark Chavunduka was Zimbabwe’s first black veterinary surgeon , member of ZANU-PF and Member of Parliament for Makoni West constituency .[1]. Chavhunduka passed away in Canada in July of 2012.

Dexter Mark Chavunduka
Dexter Chavhunduka.jpg
Nationality Zimbabwean
Occupation Vertinary Surgeon , Politician
Political party ZANU - PF



Chavunduka graduated from Edinburg University in Scotland in 1964. At independence, Chavunduka was appointed Deputy Secretary for Agriculture before he became Secretary for Natural Resources and Tourism. In 1983, he left government employ and went into private practice. He remained an active member of the Zanu PF Manicaland provincial executive. In 1995, Chavunduka contested the Makoni West parliamentary seat on a Zanu PF ticket and won.


Chavunduka served on the boards of the Agricultural Marketing Authority, Veterinary Council of Zimbabwe and on the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee, among others.

Personal Life

Chavhunduka was married to Jane Chavhunduka and they had, three daughters and a son Mark Chavunduka, 10 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.


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