Dharmesh Bhikha is a Zimbabwean businessman.


  • Bhikha Enterprises Private Limited which trades as Tilus Supermarket

Net Worth

Dharmesh Bhikha's actual or estimated net worth is unknown but he owns the top retail outlet in Bulawayo.[1]


Raj Modi Lawsuit

In an urgent High Court application, Bhikha accused judicial manager Philip Ndlovu, who was appointed to head Bhikha Enterprises Private Limited in terms of High Court order HC 3343/17, of disposing of properties without the knowledge of shareholders and creditors.

Bhikha and Raj Modi co-owned H Bhikha Enterprises trading as Tilus Supermarkets before their acrimonious separation. In his application, Bhikha accused Ndlovu of disposing of equipment to Sai Mart which is owned by Modi. He wrote:

"Respondent (Ndlovu) has in the process disposed of the property to Sai Mart, a close competitor to H Bhikha Enterprise Private Limited; which again cannot be calculated to mean the respondent is acting in good faith."

Modi denied that Sai Mart received equipment from Ndlovu. He said:

“I am not aware of this court case. But it is not true that we got Bhikha’s equipment.”

In his founding affidavit, Bhikha said he wanted urgent relief to force Ndlovu to return stripped assets.

Ndlovu was appointed judicial manager in 2017 after Bhikha Enterprises went under voluntary judicial management.

Bhikha accused Ndlovu of disposing of the property to Moji’s Sai Mart, a list of shop equipment such as eight industrial shelves, five till points, one bread rack, a Pepsi fridge, bakery equipment, 37 bread tins, 24 cake tins, 211 log domes. Others include a bun divider serial number s-11017, one digital scale serial number 13316346, a cake mixture machine serial number 182711131, a wooden sweets stand, three crystal sweets stands and 18 confectionery trays.[1]


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