Dino Mudondo

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Dino Mudondo

Dino Mudondo was born on 7 August 1978 and he made an impact into the music industry in 2001 after releasing his hit song Makorokoto. His genre was a fusion of reggae and kwasa kwasa. His turbulent love life almost caused a dent in his career forcing him to lie low. In the process he established a timber business as a backup plan. His love for music prompted him to bounce back on the scene with a mammoth task to reconstruct his tainted image.

Musical career

Mudondo began singing when he was a child. He joined his school choir when he was in Form Two. After completing his secondary education, he teamed up with Delani Makhalima in 2000 and they formed Second Nature and they used to perform at beauty pageants and fashion shows.[1] In 2002, Mudondo released Makoroto and he later teamed up with Willom Tight and the two formed a formidable force which however ended abruptly. Mudondo stated that he cherished the time he spent with Tight though efforts for the two to reunite again never materialised.[2]

As a solo artiste, Mudondo managed to release albums which carried some of the hit songs like Ndichakumirira, Jatropha. He basked into glory though his career seemed to come to a halt as a result of his private affairs.

In March 2014, Mudondo announced that he was changing his genre to conform to the dictates of the time arguing that he was now being a dance hall star as a result of the upsurge Zim Dancehall.[3]

Turbulent Private Life

Mudondo's private life almost soiled his career. After divorcing his first wife, Mudondo hooked up with Cecilia Dapeta. Dapeta who seemed to be financially stable at that time offered to be Mudondo's manager and began to purchase musical instruments for Mudondo.[4] Dapeta began to use this equipment as a leverage whenever Mudondo wanted to terminate the affair.[4]

Mudondo stated that he only realised after he had deeply fallen for Dapeta that she was a trouble maker after it was revealed that she had previously dated Progress Chipfumo and Allan Chimbetu.[4] Despite this however, Mudondo remained committed to his girlfriend though his relatives had despised their affair.

The two secretly wedded and the wedding was presided over by a prophetess, Madzimai Josi in Marirangwe.[4] It was dubbed as a spiritual wedding (muchato wemweya). Going to Marirangwe later became a routine and Mudondo stated that he together with his wife began to do rituals which were meant to make them have abundant wealth.[4] He explained that at one point he was forced to eat raw fish.[4]

The only problem which necessitated Mudondo's separation from Cecilia was her violent behaviour whenever she was drunk.[4] Their relationship turned nasty though Mudondo was able to divorce Cecilia.

This turbulent affair forced Mudondo to lie low in his musical career and it was then that he established a timber business.[5] He argued that he however decided to make his way back into music because it was always his childhood dream to be a musician.

After parting ways with Cecilia, Mudondo was alleged to be involved with numerous women none of whom he married. In 2013, he was entangled in a bitter feud with Peter Moyo after it was alleged that he had snatched Moyo's girlfriend identified as Ruth.[6]

Feud with his Recording Company

In 2013, Mudondo parted ways with his recording company, Diamond Studios after arguing that the company was sabotaging him as it was failing to market his album.[7] Mudondo claimed that he was forced to make his own way to ensure that his album Ndakakupihwa NaMwari was launched in late 2013.[7] The record company had agreed to do all the work but nothing materialised and this delayed the launch of the album.


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