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Diva Mafunga
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BornDiva Mafunga
Chisodza, Mt Darwin
RelativesDanias Mafunga

Diva Mafunga is a Zimbabwean gospel musician from Harare. He became popular with his debut album 'Endai Naizvozvo' in 2003. He is a former Chitungwiza Municipality employee.


His love for music started in the rural areas of Mount Darwin back in the 1980s. They would hold jam sessions with banjos while herding cattle. The passion for music developed and he began singing in church, and it was only in 2003 that he decided to have some of his songs recorded. He approached Gramma Records with demo tapes and unfortunately they turned him down, saying his music was not marketable. Spurred by a passion to venture into music full time, he used his own resources to record his first album at Shed Studios, “Endai Naizvozvo”. He then went back to Gramma Records so that they could market the album for him and initially they refused but after some persuasion, they eventually agreed. The album was well received by fans. Although he doesn’t have the actual figures, he is convinced the sales of the album were fair.[1]


His love for music began in early 1980s. In 2003, he recorded a few songs and approached Gramma Records with demo tapes. Management at Gramma Records turned him away citing that his music does not meet their standards. He later recorded at Shed Studios and released his debut album ‘Endai Naizvozvo’. Some of the albums he has released include ‘Endai Naizvozvo’ (2003), ‘Fambai Nekutenda’ (2004), ‘Pfuurirai Mberi’ (2005) and ‘Ndicharamba Ndichidana’ (2007),'Spiritual Battle','Zvangu Zvaita' and 'Ndatenda Ndapinda'.

Diva Mafunga also engaged the late Oliver Mtukudzi to feature on his album “Ndatenda Ndapinda”. The superstar featured on “Munana Wekutanga” and “Kutenda Kusina Mabasa”. The two songs are part of Mafunga’s seven-track album recorded at Diamond studios. Tuku did vocals and played acoustic guitar on the two songs. In this same album he also engaged renowned drummer Obert Gomba, who was part of Orchestra Mberikwazvo being led by Alick Macheso as a session instrumentalist.[2]

Oliver Mtukudzi


Diva mafunga won the Legendary Award at the recently held PERMICAN Ceremony at the City Sports Centre this year (2019).[3]


Most people have spread rumours that he was born blind and this is not true according to him. At one time he was arrested for allegedly defrauding his employer, Chitungwiza Municipality, but he was acquitted due to lack of evidence. According to him, it was nothing but malice that was meant to tarnish his image. He was subsequently suspended for a year and was eventually reinstated. A year later, in 2008 he resigned to pursue his musical career and he hasn't looked back since then.


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