Dobba Don
Dobba Don, Dumalisile Mehlomakhulu, Zimdancehall
Dobba Don
Background information
Birth nameDumalisile Mehlomakhulu
Occupation(s)Zimdancehall artist, Songwriter

Dobba Don, is a Zimbabwean born and award winning Zimdancehall artist based in Harare. Dobba Don rose to fame with his popular song Mudendere.


Dobba Don was born Dumalisile Mehlomakhulu.He hails from the one of the roughest ghettoes in Zimbabwe called Mufakose. He says that he started to record in 2010 when he was in form 1 and has over 100 songs to date, most of which are unknown. Dobba Don lists the late Tongai Moyo as one of his music idols. [1] Dobba Don is affiliated to TMG Rekodz and Oskid of Ke Na Ko Muzik who produced Dobba Don's hit Mudendere.

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  1. Mudendere
  2. Pfo pfo pfo pfo pfo
  3. Take A Book
  4. Sabotage
  5. Unozviziva
  6. Mukuru
  7. Ghetto
  8. Tichikwenya
  9. Love
  10. Tumirai Moto
  11. Mundebele
  12. Charira Kupi/Uko Ndekupi
  13. We nah fi do it
  14. Kuvadambura
  15. Money Link
  16. Jump Over
  17. Kwakanaka Here
  18. Amai
  19. Mr Bad Mind
  20. We Run Yard
  21. Money
  22. Star Weh ft Poptain
  23. Pose Paunoiwana
  24. Oh Girl
  25. Make Di Gun Dem Ring
  26. Freedom Fighters
  27. 45 45
  28. Handisati Ndatanga
  29. We deyah
  30. Handisati Ndatanga
  31. Murikudira (Amai Irene)
  32. Cheu Cheu (2016)
  33. MaHater
  34. Huru Level
  35. Taurai Mandebvu ft Dobba Don-Love On Fire
  36. Position
  37. Kana Ndoenda
  38. Kushanda Ne Action
  39. Sell Out
  40. Pon A Mission
  41. Machine


International Appearances

In April 2016, Dobba Don went to the United Kingdom for the annual UK Summer Fiesta where he performed with Soul Jah Love, Kinnah and Jah B Blaze. He performed at Wolverhampton, Luton and Manchester. Prior to his UK debut performance, Dobba Don had performed in South Africa in February 2016.[2]


Zimdancehall Awards 2016 Winners

  • Most Promising Artist

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Dobba Don-Mukuru
Dobba Don- Mudendere
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Dobba Don ft Poptain- Star Weh
Dobba Don- Jump Over
Dobba Don-Kwakanaka Here
Dobba Don ft Jay-Amai
Dobba Don-Sabotage
Dobba Don-Mr Bad Mind
Dobba Don-Take A Book
Dobba Don-We Run Yard
Dobba Don-Money
Dobba Don-Oh Girl
Dobba Don-Pose Paunoiwana
Dobba Don-Make Di Gun Dem Ring
Dobba Don-Position
Dobba Don-Kana Ndoenda
Dobba Don Live Performance
Dobba Don-Freedom Fighters
Dobba Don-Kushanda Ne Action
Dobba Don-45 45
Dobba Don-Sell Out
Dobba Don on StarFM
Summer fiesta 2016 Freestyle :Soul Jah Love, Dobba Don, Kinnah and Jah B Blaze part 1

Arrest Rumours

Dobba Don

In May 2016, H-Metro published a story that Dobba Don had been arrested for stealing a cellphone. It actually turned out that Ashley Mudzamiri of Chitungwiza was the one who had stolen the cellphone and claimed he was Dobba Don. Dobba Don posted a status on his Facebook page clearing the air on the issue,

"Waguan Jah people. Been getting a lot of queries over this press article but trust me say l have not been arrested. Current settings... UK on tour mashing up dancehall music. This story is about a bad mind imposter who was claiming to be me. #4545 we nuh stoop low. #shootnuhmiss"


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