Dominic Chungwa is a Zimbabwean footballer who plays for CAPS United Football Club as a striker.

Dominic Chungwa
Dominic Chungwa, Zimbabwe soccer, Zimbabwean footballer
Born Dominic Chungwa
January 20, 1986
  • Footballer
Employer CAPS United Football Club



Dominic was born on was born on 20 January 1986.[1]


Before joining CAPS United Football Club, Chungwa played for Hippo Valley Football Club in Chiredzi where managed to attract the attention of Makepekepe [2] The striker was eventually signed by the Green Machine in 2013 where he continued with his fine goal scoring form. After two seasons with CAPS, Chungwa went on to sign for Dembare at the start of the 2015 season but an injury coupled with a failure to replicate his goal scoring form that had made him prominent at CAPS shortened his stint with Dembare. The player was eventually released by Dynamos during the 2015 midseason and went on to rejoin CAPS alongside Oscar Machapa.

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Transfer Rumours

Following crossing the floor from CAPS to join city rivals Dembare, Chungwa was rumoured to have been interested in making a return to the Green Machine due to the lack of game time at the Glamour boys.


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