Dr Abuja (Chiremba)
Dr Abuja
Dr Abuja
BornAbraham Wilson
(1987-10-07) October 7, 1987 (age 33)
  • Zimdancehall Artist
  • Songwriter

Dr Abuja is the stage name of a Zimbabwean Zimdancehall artist. Dr Abuja has a number of popular tracks to his name, most from the album Pachigaro from 2016. He has done collaborations with other popular local artists including Maskiri. Dr Abuja also uses the title Chiremba or Doctor.

Abuja is based in Cape Town, South Africa.


Dr Abujah attended Yamurai Primary School from Grade 1 to 7 in Dzivarasekwa. At primary school he sang in the school choir. He has said that this is when the foundation in music was laid in his life. As time progressed he taught other school kids and he has said it gave him pleasure being someone his peers looked up to. For his secondary school he went to Dzivarasekwa High 2. Already a musician, after school, he taught Marimba at Chipawo for 3 years.

Music Career

From August 2005 to February 2006 Abuja attended a Zimbabwe International Film Festival program on film making and studio recording. He had the opportunity to venture into film making but decided instead to further into music. Abuja has said what stood out the most was a lesson on how important an image is.

Source of name

The name Abuja initially came from him being called Abu in primary school, which was short for Abraham. One day when he was playing soccer one of his friends called him Abuja and the name stuck with him. In 2011 at the Donhodzo Festival which was held in Dzivarasekwa, as he was performing people started saying Uri Dr wemagitare (You are the musical Dr). From then onward he became Dr Abuja.



  1. Ndirege
  2. Prezha
  3. Wedding
  4. Mukana
  5. Marijuana
  6. Ndamuwana
  7. Competition
  8. Pachigaro
  9. Pupura
  10. Champion
  11. Chipande


  • Zvinonetsa


Dr Abujah - Pahushamwari


  • He has said that his song Zvinonetsa is his favourite song.