El Gringo
El Gringo Biography
Known forBeing an entrepreneur

El Gringo real name Tatenda is a Zimbabwean entreprenuer based in South Africa.


El Gringo was born in 1996 in a family of four although his elder sister died. He grew up in Banket and came in Harare. His father died in 2002.[1]


El Gringo (left) and wife Kelly (right)

On 16 October 2021, El Gringo got married to Kelly. According to various publications, the cost of the wedding was more than USD$25 000.[2]


El Gringo said he went to Seke 2 High School in Chitungwiza at the same time when Passion Java was a Scripture Union preacher. He is a certified cybersecurity analyst.[1]


He worked at Supreme Panel Beaters in Msasa Park. El Gringo said he is a self-taught software engineer. He said he developed a desire for software engineering after he was approached by someone in South Africa to develop software. He said that is when he got his first million.[1]

Net Worth

Speaking to Phathisani Sibanda in April 2022 on the Zimcelebs podcast, El Gringo said he had a net worth of R10 million.[1]


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