Retired Brigadier-General
Elisha Muzonzini
Born (1957-06-24) June 24, 1957 (age 64)
TitleDirector-General Central Intelligence Organisation
PredecessorShadreck Chipanga
SuccessorHappyton Bonyongwe
RelativesAndrew Muzonzini

Retired Brigadier-General Elisha Muzonzini is the former Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) Director-General.


He is from Chikomba in Mashonaland East.[1]


Muzonzi was born on 24 June 1957.[2]


Elisha Muzonzini was married to Charity Nzenza. Charity, who worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for 29 years, was Muzonzini's second wife and died in May 2011. However, according to the Nzenza family, Muzonzini was not married to their daughter, but co-habited with her.[3]

Late Wife's Estate

In June 2019, Charity Nzenza’s family once again approached the High Court, accusing Elisha Muzonzini of fraudulently acquiring his late wife’s property. Through their lawyer, Miriam Majome, the family applied for a review of Charity’s estate, arguing that Muzonzini was not a beneficiary spouse.

In his affidavit dated January 29, 2019, Charity’s brother Sydney, disputed that Muzonzini was married to his sister and accused him of fraudulently acquiring an estate that could have benefitted Charity’s son, Munashe Zishiri.

The family further avered that Muzonzini claimed to be the beneficiary spouse of the final distribution list without being endorsed by the Nzenza family.

In the affidavit, Sydney dismissed claims by Muzonzini that he even sent a middleman identified as Isaac Chigondo on September 23, 2017, saying Chigondo died in June 2003.

The properties registered under the estate included Stand number 289 Borrowdale Brooke; Stand number 6159 Ruwa Township (Zimre Park), a farm, farm equipment, livestock, two vehicles and money in both foreign and local bank accounts, among other things.

Other family members wrote separate affidavits disowning Muzonzini as the deceased’s lawful estate beneficiary.[4]

In 2016, Muzonzini sued his brother-in-law, Sydney, accusing him of defamation. Elisha Muzonzi claimed $50 000 from his in-laws for defamation. According to summons dated June 3, 2016, under case 5639/16, issued against Sydney Nzenza, Muzonzini sued his in-laws for defamation after the former allegedly wrote a letter to the then Police Commissioner-General, Augustine Chihuri, requesting him to intervene in the estate wrangle, accusing Muzonzini of abusing his powers and threatening their lives for allegedly questioning his ability to handle the estate.[5]


Muzonzini was appointed CIO Director-General by Robert Mugabe in 1998 replacing Shadreck Chipanga. Elisha Muzonzini was removed in 2002 and appointed Zimbabwe’s high commissioner to Kenya. He was replaced by his deputy Happyton Bonyongwe.[6]

Muzonzini reportedly decided to retire from his diplomatic posting and concentrate on full time farming at a farm he allegedly grabbed from its former white owners using an AK47 assault rifle.[7]


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