Emmanuel Makandiwa Quotes

This is a list of verified quotes by Emmanuel Makandiwa on heaven, covid-19 vaccines, marriage and development.

On Heaven

If you get to Heaven, write this down, and you don’t find me there, you would have gone to hell. That’s not Heaven because everything that should be done for a man to secure his life in eternity, I have done it, I have done it, I have done it."

-Makandiwa in video clip 2018[1]

On Development

"Don’t borrow money, borrow vessels (machinery). On your next trip, don’t borrow money, but vessels. You think if you bring in $10 billion it will bring solutions? Even if you get $100 billion you will never be free. We have been allowed by God to borrow, but it is not money. Also can’t you see that in the area of money there are so many restrictions? Even before you leave the country they know you want to borrow money.

-Makandiwa in 2018[2]

On Covid-19 Vaccines

"...Are you not seeing the side effects even of the previous vaccines? It's not always in you dying but look at Africa. If you are still getting help from outside those are effects of having being vaccinated in Africa. It's not all about dying. No. The way we think in Africa. Our DNA has already been tempered with so someone can be sitting today and he is telling you 'Look at me I am 90 years old yet I have been vaccinated whilst I was young. Why are you afraid of vaccines?' Ninety years what have you achieved? That lack of achievement is as a result of that vaccination. You are not thinking properly. That's why this one that is coming no one is raising questions it's because of the previous vaccine. You are not thinking properly."

- Makandiwa in 2021

"Take your time. I'm putting pressure on African countries to verify this thing until they know it is safe. There are no people like us, some of these people can be so careless. Let's take our time let's not be in a rush. We are at 85 per cent recovery. Please!"

-Makandiwa following criticism on video saying people should not take the covid-19 vaccine

On Being A Fake Prophet

It is not fruitful to say that I am fake when you do not take action to test me. I think we have professional witch- doctors in our country registered with ZINATHA who are very powerful and also men of God, why can’t either side come to prove my false works?

-Makandiwa responding to claims he is a fake prophet in 2014[3]

On Marriage

"Marriage is for men and not for boys and marriage is for wives and not for girls. Abraham took his oldest servant Eliezar and I want you to swear by the Lord. Put your hand under my thigh and swear and swear by the Lord that you will not get a wife for my son for the Canaanites that I am living with here. Go back to my place and get a wife for him. Which means there are other people who are not candidates for marriage. Don't take anybody just because she is twenty-something or thirty-something. No. Don't get just anybody because she is over eighteen. Don't get just anybody because she is in a dress. Abraham was so specific."



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