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Excelgate Jonathan Moyo Book

Excelgate:How Zimbabwe's 2018 presidential election was stolen is a book by Jonathan Moyo published in December 2019. The book was written while he was in exile and was published in Zimbabwe by Sapes Trust.

Launch Violence

Attempts to launch of the book at SAPES on 12 and 17 December 2019 were disrupted by a group of rowdy Zanu PF members who demonstrated against SAPES and Ibbo Mandaza. Mandaza said of the violence:

Placard by Zanu PF Supporters at Excelgate book launch

“They arrived at about 4:30PM and threatened violence with sticks and chains. They ordered our guests including diplomats from the European Union, Switzerland and Japan to leave or face violence. For safety of our guests and property, we have had to call off the launch again,”[1]

Where to buy book

The book can be bought from the following places:

  • Innov8 Bookshops
Ibbo Mandaza holds Jonathan Moyo's Excelgate book

Distribution Of Fake Excelgate

On 21 December 2019, a soft copy of what was purported to be the original book circulated on WhatsApp. It was later revealed that this was a fake copy created by suspected state security agents.

The fake book had 65 pages. The original book has 260 pages.

The fake version was a rewritten and watered-down 65-page version of the 260-page book, with critical information stripped out in a bid to move readers away from claims linking the security services to a plot in which presidential election results were allegedly hijacked and separated from National Assembly results, avoiding constituency command centres.[2]

Jonathan Moyo said of the fake version:

It's cow dung propaganda for the CIO/MID & varakashi thugs who blocked the launch of EXCELGATE on 12 & 17 Dec to now distribute a 65-page pdf "copy" FOR FREE![3]


A review of Excelgate by Tony Reeler read:

The substance of Excelgate, however, while dealing with the long history of rigging (and who does it), as well as the violence after the election (and why it was necessarily planned), is to do with the violation of the procedures that are necessary to accepting an election as valid. This is the core argument: the procedures — legal, constitutional and administrative — were so comprehensively violated that the election can only be seen as null and void.[4]


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