Facebook Zero is an alternative Facebook version provided by Facebook in partnership with several mobile network operators across the world as a service for the subscribers of these network operators. Facebook Zero was launched by Facebook in May 2010.[1]

The website, accessible via zero.facebook.com, 0.facebook.com and o.facebook.com enables free access to the Facebook social network via mobile for text only content. The subscribers however have to pay for access to photos and video content. In Zimbabwe, Facebook's partnership with one of the mobile networks in the country, Telecel Zimbabwe was launched in May 2014.[2]

Facebook Zero includes all the key features of Facebook but is optimised for speed with zero data charges.

The subscribers using the platform can send and receive chat messages, browse a newsfeed and view a friend’s timeline without images or videos. They can post comments, update statuses, like posts, poke friends and send and reply to messages, all for free.[3] Subscribers will only be charged for images, video clips and third party sites they choose to view. 11 cents per megabyte will be charged for those who subscribe to data bundles.[4]

If accessing Facebook Zero from a non-supported internet connection, that is a connection other than one through the mobile operator's mobile broadband connection, a subscriber gets the following error: Facebook-zero-error.jpg


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