Did You Know?

Of late as Zimbabweans, we have lost our national pride and most times fail to appreciate our beloved country because of the current settings. The list below however will make you reconsider:

  1. In the 1980’s, demand for teachers was so high that the government had to do on the spot teacher training.
  2. The set up of paths at the Africa Unity Square resembles the British flag: The Union Jack.
  3. The late former President Robert Mugabe won Z$100,000 Zimbabwean Dollars, in a lottery which was drawn by ZimBank now ZB Bank in 2000.
  4. The late former President R.G Mugabe was once knighted by the British Queen and later the knighthood was revoked for alleged human rights violations
  5. The word sanctions was mentioned 43 times in the Zanu PF manifesto
  6. After independence Julius Nyerere told the late former President Robert Mugabe, "You have inherited Africa’s jewel, take good care of it"
  7. Names like Edmore, Lovemore, Loveness, Moreblessing are common in Zimbabwe
  8. Webster Shamu was once a radio DJ during the liberation struggle, going by the name Charles Ndhlovu
  9. The Zimbabwean dollar was introduced in 1980. The exchange rate at the time was $Z1 = US$1.47.[1]
  10. Peter Ndlovu was the first African player to play in the English Premier League.
  11. Before the national anthem Simudzai Mureza was adopted it was used as a primary school’s choir competition song in 1994
  12. Banker Nigel Chanakira co-founded Kingdom Bank when he was 28 years old.
  13. The late Safirio Madzikatire once bet his wife at gambling.
  14. Mai Sally Mugabe was the first woman to be laid to rest at the National Heroes Acre
  15. The last major sporting event to be hosted by Zimbabwe was the All Africa Games in 1995.
  16. Phillip Chiyangwa and friend Peter Pamire financed the bringing of Michael Jackson to Zimbabwe in the 1990’s. This was done through their company called CIA.
  17. Joice Mujuru was awarded 100% disability compensation after stating that she lost her taste in the mouth due to the war.
  18. Man City broke their transfer record when they signed Benjani Mwaruwari.
  19. The government was once duped by a traditional healer into believing that diesel was oozing out of a rock in Chinhoyi
  20. Admire Taderera is brother to the late Katarina (Elizabeth Taderera) of the Mukadota fame.
  21. Econet was named by Dr. Nkosana Moyo and it was an abbreviation for Enhanced Communications Network.
  22. Amazulu F.C. was relegated from the Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League after refusing to play on Saturdays. Club owner Delma Lupepe is a Seventh-day Adventist.
  23. Zimbabwe has 19 of the 21 vital minerals.
  24. The late Sam Levy owned Ximex Mall before he sold it to NSSA who then razed it down and turned it into a car park.
  25. Gwanda got its first set of traffic lights in January of 2016. The first ever traffic lights in Matabeleland South Province were installed in Beitbridge in 2011.
  26. It is a breach of Zimbabwean law to sell products bearing the colours of the national flag.
  27. As part of etiquette to the Zimbabean flag, it should never touch the ground. When it gets torn it should be disposed in a dignified way.
  28. Chitekete by the late Leonard Dembo was one used as a theme song for the Miss World pageant in Botswana.
  29. Zimbabwe has five UNESCO World Heritage sites (World Heritage Sites in Zimbabwe): these are Khami Ruins, Great Zimbabwe Ruins, Victoria Falls, Mana Pools National Park and Matobo Hills.
  30. The Natural History Museum in Bulawayo is the 4th largest in Sub Saharan Africa. It is deemed as one of the best in Southern Africa.[2]


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