Fakazi Mleya also spelt as Fakazi Muleya was a Zimbabwean soldier who was named as one of the leaders of the 2007 foiled coup attempt.


Mleya headed the Signals Corps responsible for the army’s national communications systems.[1]

2007 Coup Plot

According to a senior army official quoted by The Zimbabwean, Mleya was part of the 2007 foiled coup attempt. The army official is quoted as having said "(Fakazi) Mleya was pivotal in the sense that he was aware of how the national military communications system could be scrambled before, during and after the coup in terms of sending communications to army units around the country".[1]


There were reports that Mleya was given a lethal injection.[1] He was declared a national hero after consultations among Zanu-PF Politburo members.


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