Florence Ziyambi

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Florence Ziyambi
  • Deputy Prosecutor-General
Known forBeing Deputy Prosecutor-General.
Spouse(s)Ziyambi Ziyambi

Florence Ziyambi is a Zimbabwean lawyer and the wife to the Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Ziyambi Ziyambi. She is the former Deputy Prosecutor-General after being relieved of her duties in March 2018 and appointed to the Office of the President and Cabinet without any specific duties. She is also the director of public prosecutions.


She is married to politician and Zanu- PF member Ziyambi Ziyambi.


In January 2017, Ziyambi was re-elected as vice chairperson of the African Union Advisory Board on Corruption.[1]


Indecent assault and assault case

In 2015, Ziyambi filed indecent assault and assault charges against Colonel Solomon Siziba, a military officer seconded to the National Prosecuting Authority as head of administration. In September 2016, she sought private prosecution on the case after then Prosecutor General, Johannes Tomana reportedly declined prosecution. Ziyambi alleged that Siziba manhandled her and in the process indecently assaulted her. A police report was made but Tomana declined to prosecute Siziba.

After the suspension of Tomana, Ziyambi instructed her lawyer, Charles Warara, to write to then acting PG Advocate Ray Goba, seeking a certificate to enable her to institute a private prosecution against Siziba. In a letter dated September 9, 2016, Warara gave Goba up to seven days to issue a certificate, failure of which his client would file an application at the High Court.

It is alleged Siziba assaulted Ziyambi on February 13, 2015, at the New Government Complex in Harare. Ziyambi filed assault and indecent assault charges at Harare Central Police Station under CR 1054/ 2/ 15 and the cases were also vetted at the PG’s office under reference number AG170/ 15. Siziba was summoned to appear at the Harare Magistrates’ Court, but the Prosecutor General later declined to prosecute the case.

On February 13, 2015, it is alleged Ziyambi had a meeting with deputy national director (public prosecutions) Nelson Mutsonziwa in her office discussing administrative issues affecting the NPA. While the two were still having their meeting, it is alleged, Siziba stormed into the office and asked to meet Ziyambi. After a while, Ziyambi invited Siziba into her office and together with Mutsonziwa, they allegedly discussed outstanding issues on fuel allocation to their officers and the meeting ended in a debate.

It is alleged that Siziba requested Mutsonziwa to excuse them for about two minutes as he indicated that he had something to say to Ziyambi in private. It is alleged that Siziba accused Ziyambi and other officers in the NPA of disliking him and his two fellow soldiers, a Major Msipa and Major Manyeruke, who were seconded to the institution. Col Siziba then allegedly charged at Ziyambi and threatened to shoot her while poking her face. It is then alleged that he indecently assaulted Mrs. Ziyambi.[2]

Heated Public Interview

In August 2017, Mrs Ziyambi was interviewed for the position of Prosecutor General to replace Johanes Tomana who had been dismissed. The panellists of the interview reportedly accused Ziyambi of fanning divisions and disharmony in the National Prosecuting Authority. It was reported that Ziyambi led a division in the organization during Tomanas tenure and to her defence, she responded and insisted that the officers who used to hold administration posts as supervisors were stripped of their powers through the recruitment of military staff while some law officers were transferred, hence the disgruntlement. [3]

Dismissal as Deputy Prosecutor General

In March 2018 Florence Ziyambi was relieved of his duties as Deputy Prosecutor General. She was assigned to the Office of the President, however, without any specific post whilst waiting for an assignment. It was reported that the decision was reached following findings of the Moses Chinhengo tribunal that recommended dismissal of Johannes Tomana as Prosecutor-General last year. The letter read:

Following finalisation of the investigations, the tribunal, among other recommended that there be leadership renewal in the NPA taking into account the level of deterioration of the institution, largely caused by corruption and maladministration. In this regard and order to instil public trust and confidence in the NPA, you are hereby transferred to the Office of the President and cabinet with immediate effect, until you are reassigned to another position. Deputy Prosecutor General Fired, Reassigned To President’s Office Over Corruption


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