Fortune Muparutsa

Fortune Muparutsa was a popular Zimbabwean Rhythm and Blew singer, song writer and producer, who at the time of his death was about to be signed to renowned singer Akon. As, one of the pioneers of Urban Grooves music, Muparutsa earned notoriety in the 1990s with the hit 'Kanda Matombo' which encouraged the use of condoms while it was still a taboo in our culture.


He was married and had four kids. [1]

Music career

Having born in a musical family, Fortune started his music career just after finishing secondary school. After his brothers Peter and Jerry's band 'Sound Power' split in the 1970s, he together with Bothwell Nyamhondera, Peter Phiri and the late Alois Muyaruka formed the Real Unique Natural Notion (RUNN) Family group. The group was divived into two, A and B and Fortune was with the latter which also included his siblings. Fortune later joined the A group in 1986 when on the group's lead artiste Nyamhondera moved to Harare.

Tribute to Mugabe

Within a year of joining the group Fortune changed the group for the better in 1987, they did a tribute to President Robert Mugabe in a song that had been written by a Caribbean national, John Rhythm. The song which was titled President Mugabe, completely changed the fortunes of the group that it became part of the Child Survival Foundation led by the late Amai Sally Mugabe in 1988.[2] This marked the begining of what was to become one of the best bands in Zimbabwe. This was evidenced with the group's next project 'Let the African Children Play on the Frontline: One Child Dies Every Four Minutes' which was well received. However it was not until the group started composing Shona songs in the 1980s that people began to notice. They released 'Inhapitapi Chete' and 'Moyo Muti Unomera Paunoda' which became hits.

Solo career

In 1989, after his brother Peter left the group, Fortune went on to join Clancy Mbirimi and Chipeni who had been members of the Harare Mambos. They did not release anything and Fortune decided to pursue a solo career calling himself Wheels of Fortune and eventually releasing 'Wangu ndega' which was many people's favourite. .[3] Fortune went into recording and producing business later on working with urban grooves artistes.

International Fame

In the months leading to his death, Muparutsa had made a name for himself on the international platforms. He was about to be signed by United States based Rhythm and Blew star Akon after the latter heard his song 'Dreamgal' being played on Northants 96FM radio.[4]


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