Foundations for Farming Zimbabwe

Foundations for Farming is an initiative aimed at bringing transformation to individuals, communities and nations through faithful and productive use of land.


Foundations for Farming started many years ago when the farm which Brian Oldreive was managing in the north of Zimbabwe was nearing bankruptcy. Burning and deep soil inversion were common practice on the farm causing terrible sheet erosion to occur resulting in loss of seed and water. Increasing amounts of money were being spent on the machinery required for ploughing and double rollings of the lands, and yet the yields were declining.[1]

Pfumvudza Concept

Pfumvudza/Intwasa Farming Concept was developed to answer the following question. "How much land is required to feed a family"? Using all the Foundations for Farming principles and assuming that a family would require a bucket of maize per week to provide their staple diet, the following model was developed. To fill a bucket with shelled maize you would require 56 cobs weighing 300 grams each. If each maize plant produced at least one of these we would require 56 plants.


  • Zimbabwe - International Head Office
  • Malawi (
  • South Africa (SA Website:
  • Zambia (Website: - Brian Oldreive first taught Foundations for Farming in Zambia in 1995. Now there are many people practicing or teaching it across the country.
  • Canada - Foundations for Farming Canada began in 2011 and has a small but active team working on projects both locally and internationally.
  • USA
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  • Brian Oldreive (Founder of Foundations for Farming)
  • Craig Deall (CEO) Global,
  • Matthew Mbanga (CEO) Trust,
  • Darryl Edwards (MD P/L)
  • Hazel Edwards (COO)
  • Darryl and Hazel Edwards walk alongside a wonderful team of trainers who conduct all the local, regional and international trainings. They run many programmes, from training NGOs to teaching in churches, schools and prisons.



  • Physical Address: Clouds End, Cnr Domboshawa/Glen Forest Rd, Glenforest, Harare
  • Telephone: +263 772 136 780 or +263 772 313 589
  • Email:


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