Gamuchirai Nemukuyu
Gamuchirai Nemukuyu Biography
Known forBeing DJ Fantan's wife

Gamuchirai Nemukuyu is the wife of Zimdancehall producer and promoter DJ Fantan.


Gamuchirai Nemukuyu and her husband DJ Fantan have two daughters; Fafi and Ruvheneko.


She was born on 4 March.

Arrest For Domestic Violence Report

On 10 May 2022, Nemukuyu reported DJ Fantan to the police accusing him of being abusive. Fantan was detained at Waterfalls Police Station after he was arrested on allegations of domestic violence.

He was arrested after Gamuchirai Nemukuyu, lodged a complaint with the police. National Police Spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, confirmed the arrest. Nemukuyu said he assaulted her and damaged their household property. She said that she had been suffering emotionally at the hands of Fantan.

She said DJ Fantan locked her in the house arguing that she should be a ‘housewife’.[1]

On 11 May 2022, DJ Fantan dismissed the report by H-Metro and accused the publication of seeking relevance by publishing “falsehoods”.

Posting on his Facebook page Fantan wrote:

"H-Metro do your research and get your facts straight before throwing labels on people. False accusations are a serious matter in the deen.

Wise up… chete kuti Ana H-Metro menenge muchitsvaga relevance, mavharirwa panze ne ma Bloggers ka Makutokundwa basa Nana Zimcelebs.

Nowadays vanhu vakuto truster Zimcelebs kupfuura H-Metro 😂.

FAMILY, FANS & FRIENDS INI NE MHURI YANGU TIRI SAFE… CHINGOTENGAI CHI PEPA CHAVO VAMBOITA MA SALES kkkk headline iyo ndeye munhu arikuda kutondipedza😂😂 Jah nuh sleep🙏🏼"


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