Gary Thompson
Thompson Zimbabwe
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Gary Thompson
ResidenceHarare, Zimbabwe
EducationMalborough High School, Boston,Massachusets,U.S.A
  • Entrepreneur
  • Professional Golfer
  • Tv personality and Communications
  • Businessman
  • President Of The Zimbabwe Professionals Golfers Association
EmployerGary Thompson And Associates
OrganizationGary Thompson And Associates
Known forMarketing And Advertising "Guru"
Notable workSponsoring the Zimbabwe Premier League, Promoting Golf In Zimbabwe,
Home townHarare
Spouse(s)Paola Thompson
ChildrenFather Of Four
RelativesDarren Mark Thompson ( Brother), Joshua (son)

Gary Thompson is a Zimbabwean who is currently in advertising, TV Shows , broadcasting media and Communications for a living.He runs a very big advertising and marketing organisation called Gary And Associates whose pay off slogan is " We Bring Vision." Gary is also a professional golf player and in 2016 he was elected as President of the Zimbabwe Golf Association. He is a well-known business partner and philanthropist


He studied at Malborough High school were he completed his education, he then pursued a career in Golf which seen him receive a scholarship to America. He attained a degree in business before coming back to zimbabwe to start a business in broadcasting media .Becoming a popular TV personality seen him starting a partneship to run an online advertising company which grew very big in years to come.

Personal Life

A husband of One and father of four. growing up Gary was always top being a golf player, he is very passionate about the sport Golf. He believes Family is everything anyone can ever work for and being a religious man he has faith that through prayer there are answers in life. Gary says " he can’t wait to bring people to the edge of their seats and get them to jump off into greater success and significance." He and Paola got married on June 2003. Darren mark Thompson is his brother.

Gary Gets Involved with a Robbery And Gets Injured

In 2012 he sustained a broken arm due to events that took place at a coffee shop in Borrowdale when he was hit by a car belonging to three suspected robbers while trying to apprehend them for stealing a bag containing an I-Pad and some cash. A man named Mr Williams who was having coffee at Freshly Grounds Coffee Shop at Sam Levy's Village was distracted and robbed by a trio of thieves, at that moment Mr Thompson alerted in-coming and out-going motorists from the car park to block the getaway vehicle which the trio was using, this lead to the fatality of him getting bumped trying to save the day.[1]

Elected As President Of The Zimbabwe Golfers Association

In 2016 Gary was appointed to bring change and a brighter future to golf in zimbabwe and on the day he was interviewed he responded[2] by saying:

“We are happy that we have been given the opportunity to revive the sport and we hope to do as much as we can to see that the sport is back on its feet,”

“The professional golfers were divided among players and races and I believe that will be a thing of the past as we call for unity among all parties. “We would like to bring back a good image for the association so that the sponsors can come on board and our partners can have confidence in us.

“Zimbabwe has so much talent, but it is suppressed by lack of game time, we have good players like Scott Vincent who is proving that barely 18 months after he turned professional.

“The youngster is composed and has a good attitude on and off the course which saw him make his first European Tour cut at the weekend in Mauritius. “We can have more of those players if we have unity of purpose.”

The Royal Harare professional believes the team that was put in place can bring results. “We are going to work hard and the team we have put in place have the potential to do well as they have experience, Lake was in the previous board and his experience will be helpful.

“Our aim is to see professional golfers earning a living through the sport,”

Gary And Associates

Garry thompson
  • They utilise tools such as marketing and Advertising , public relations and digital media
* Click here for their website[5]

Business Strategy

Our entire pay off slogan is summed up in 3 words: We bring vision. Vision sees where you can capitalize. Vision encourages your internal marketplace to get there. Vision showcases how. That’s what we believe. That’s what we do. That’s what we bring. Always looking forward to giving your brand a lift, more out of Africa. Basically, because we’ve taken time to see what African markets expect, need, want or perceive. We can highlight the potentials and challenges you’ll face. It’s called vision and when you add passion, you get explosive results! The correct combinations of channels ,from grassroots sales to promotions, messaging and classical media are all combining behind the need for strategic excellence and execution.

Companies Affiliated With

Netone, Zol, Pioneer Coaches, OneonOne, ACCA, Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe, Atsra, Save Valley, Academy, Africa Union and International labour Organization.[3]

Awards and Recognition

GTA was named as the 2014 Trusted Choice Agency of the Year! We were delighted to receive the award and are sharing our excitement with our local communities.


Gary Thompson Agency was named the “Trusted Choice® Agency of the Year” for 2014, in recognition of making the Trusted Choice® Pledge of Performance the centerpiece of their relationships with their customers, and promoting the Trusted Choice® standards of ethics and excellent customer service at all of the agency’s 13 offices, and on its website.[4]

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He is included in the book "People Of Zimbabwe" as an appreciation of his accolades and being a contributor to the community as a citizen of Zimbabwe.


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