George Chinengundu was on of the first black advocates of the High Court in then Rhodesia. Chinengundu became an advocate at the age of 32 together with Sylvester Maruza.


He was born George Mujeyi Chinengundu in Wedza in 1939. He and his sister lived with their grandmother. At the time he was appointed an advocate he was married to Naomi and together they had three children. At the time his wife was expecting their fourth child.


Chinengundu's grandmother managed to send him and his sister past primary school. He also attended Tengwani Institute in Plumtree. Later his uncle gave him money which he used to get his Form IV at Fletcher High School. He passed his Bachelor of Law Degree in 1969 and completed the post graduate diploma in law in 1970 which enabled him to become an advocate of the High Court. He passed his degree with honours which made him the first African to do so.


After Fletcher he worked for four years as a clerk in the Ministry of Local Government and Housing.