Gift Mahlupeka
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Gift Mahlupeka
Born (1984-09-24) September 24, 1984 (age 37)
Home townChimanimani

Gift Mahlupeka is a Zimbabwean, based gospel musician who once worked with an award winning gospel musician Mathias Mhere. Mahlupeka stole the limelight when it was alleged that he was in love with Mathias Mhere's wife Susan Dzinamarira.

The Alleged Scandal

What made the affair more controversial is that Mahlupeka is Mhere's close friend and the two had done some music business together.[1] After the story had attracted attention from the media, Susan confessed to the affair but maintained that it did not get physical with Mahlupeka.,[1]

The H-Metro of Wednesday 18 February reported that Mahlupeka was on the police wanted list for rape allegations. The rape case is said to have reported in November 2014 at Norton Police Station under case number 143/9/4. The Zimbabwe Republic Police is said to have indicated that Mahlupeka raped an under-aged girl ,who sings for one of the gospel choirs and he took advantage of his status as a brother in Christ. The story came to light when the girl attempted to commit suicide at school presumably because of the psychological trauma caused by the rape.[2]

Gift however insisted that he did not at any point have a relationship with the wife of Mathias Mhere. Instead, he argued that it was all staged in order to boost sales for Mhere's album. He further claimed that Mhere had actually used his phone to send messages to his wife to make it appear as if Gift and Susan were having an illicit affair.[3]

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Music career

In 2013, Mahlupeka released his second album which was titled Warfare.[4] Songs on the album produced by Jonathan Mgazi include Mhondoro, Musandisiye, Zviyo Nesora, Zvinoita Mwari, Mwaka, Nechikonzero, Mbiri Ndeyashe and Munamato Womufambi.[4]

Mahlupeka, who once headed a music group called The Heralds of God grew up in Chimanimani District in Manicaland Province.[4] Mahlupeka started working with Mhere in organising concerts soon after the launch of his second album in 2013.[4]


Zvinoita Mwari

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