Businessman and socialite Genius Kadungure popularly known as Ginimbi died in a car accident along Liberation Legacy Way in Harare, ordinarily known by many as Borrowdale Road.


Ginimbi's speeding Rolls Royce collided head-on with a Honda Fit, veered off the road, and hit a tree before catching fire.[1]

Eye Witness Account

One security guard identified as Martin said he witnessed the accident whilst he was patrolling the area.

He said Ginimbi was visibly shaking and he was struggling to breathe. Martin added that Ginimbi was trying to open the doors of the Rolls Royce in an attempt to rescue his friends.

Martin said:

I always see Ginimbi at this hour (5am) when I finish work and he will be driving to his Domboshava house. Today he had his Rolls Royce and was speeding as usual. I heard a bang and I rushed to investigate. I saw him trying to open the doors with a view to rescuing his friends. He was struggling to breathe and was visibly shaking. Genius was shouting for help. When I arrived, the car exploded. The fire was scary and we could not do anything to help.Some neighbours gathered at the scene of the accident. We unsuccessfully tried to put out the fire using water buckets and tree branches.


Honda Fit Driver's Account

The driver of the Honda Fit, Mr. Lucky Chikwanda said he was on his way from Hatcliffe to Mount Pleasant with a friend when the accident occurred. He said Ginimbi’s car had overtaken two cars at once and was trying to avoid a collision with his car when the accident occurred.

He said:

I was coming from Hatcliffe and going to Mount Pleasant with my friend when the accident occurred. I remember just seeing this car coming towards us. The car was flying. The car encroached into my lane and the next thing I heard a loud bang, it was so sudden and unavoidable. Before he switched back to his lane, he hit my car. The next thing I found myself lying on the ground. Someone poured some water on me and I regained consciousness.



Apart from Ginimbi, two foreigners perished in the accident as well as Mitchell Amuli who is popularly known as Moana. The foreigners were Limumba Karim from Malawi and a Mozambican, who was only identified as Alicia Adams.

Alicia, Karim, and Moana were burnt beyond recognition after the doors of the Rolls Royce jammed on impact. It took many hours for police and the Fire Brigade to retrieve their remains from the wreckage.[4]