Gonarezhou National Park

Gonarezhou National Park is a tourist resort/attraction located in Chiredzi in Masvingo Province of Zimbabwe. The place hosts local, regional and international tourists who visit the country to have a grasp of the country's natural environment. Animals found include elephant, lion, nyala, blue wildebeest, waterbuck, kudu, impala, wild dogs, spotted hyena, hippo and crocodile.

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Visitors Guide

  • When to visit: All year round Monday to Sunday 6 am to 6 pm
  • Fee: Entrance and accommodation fees charged


From Chiredzi follow the A10 towards Mutare, 17.8 KM turn right (south) at the Chipinda Pools signpost, 50.3 KM turn left for Chipinda Pools, 55 KM turn right for Chipinda Pools, 55.6 KM arrive at Campsite.

  • To Chipinda pools from Masvingo or Beitbridge

Turn off the A4 Beitbridge to Masvingo Road at the Mwenezi Police Station turn-off, about 19 kilometres south of Rutenga. Proceed down the dirt road about 3 kilometres and turn left at the entrance to the Police Station - the signboard indicates Mwenezi Ranch HQ and Chikombedzi. Follow this road for 60 kilometres to Chikombedzi Business Centre. Do not turn off this road. Turn right after entering Chikombedzi Business Centre at a 4-way intersection where a ZPWMA sign indicates the route to Gonarezhou, Mabalauta. 77.3 KM turn left at the sign for Gonarezhou. Follow this road around a small dam and DO NOT turn off it, 83.6 KM pass turnoff to Zhou School, 86.9 KM pass Gonarezhou National Park boundary, 109.2 KM pass road joining from left, 111.4 KM reach Warden's Office, Mabalauta .[1]


The park obtained its name from the local herbalists who stored their dried plants inside tusks, gona in Shona. The name Gonarezhou means sacred place of the elephants or “horn of the elephant”. The park was opened in 1967 after Allan Wright, the then District Commissioner convinced the authorities.

The Park borders on Mozambique and South Africa and is part of the Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area that includes the Kruger National Park and Parque Nacional do Limpopo. The Runde river and Save River flow through the park and just outside its borders flows the Mwenezi River. [1]

One of the most important hidden gems in regards to the largest (in size) of the Big Five, is Gonarezhou, which is translated as ‘Place of Many Elephants’. A 2014 aerial survey put the population at 11,000 in the park. This is one of the highest densities in Africa.[2]

Gonarezhou Zimbabwe Big Five Safari

Lodges and Campsites

Below listed are some of the camping sites and lodges found at the Gonarezhou National Park.

  • Chipinda Pools Facilities
  • Chinguli facilities
  • Malapati Game Reserve
  • Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge Read More
  • Gonarezhou Bush Camp Read More

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The activities which visitors may participate in include :


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