Goodwill Shiri was a Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front member. He was killed in a road accident on 15 October 2018 after a bus, which was avoiding stray donkeys, landed on top of his car near Gwenoro Turn-off along the Gweru-Bulawayo Road.

Goodwill Shiri
Born Goodwill Shiri
Nationality Zimbabwe
  • Politician.
Political party Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front
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Personal Life

Shiri was married to Sithembile and had three daughters.


At independence Shiri joined the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture until 1989. He transferred to the Ministry of Political Affairs in 1990.

In 1999, Shiri was elected Zanu-PF Youth League political commissar before being elected into the Central Committee under Midlands Province in 2004. He retained the same position in 2014.[1]

Shiri was once expelled from the party after he had lost in the party's primaries in Mberengwa and went on to contest as an independent candidate in 2005.[2] He was nonetheless readmitted into the party in 2012 but were made to rejoin the party as an ordinary card carrying member.

On 18 June 2017, he was appointed deputy chairperson for Zanu-PF Midlands Province, replacing Kizito Chivamba who died in April.[3]

Liberation War Contribution

Shiri joined the liberation struggle in 1978. He trained at Mavhombe base in Mozambique under George Rutanhire before he was deployed to Rushinga District.


Shiri was involved in an accident on October 13, 2018 evening while driving towards Bulawayo on the way to his farm.nHe was in the company of his wife and a neighbour. The two sustained serious injuries.

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