A glimpse of Goromonzi High Scool

Goromonzi High School is a boarding school located in the Mashonaland East province of Zimbabwe. It operates under the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education. It is well known for its academic excellence.

School Motif and Mission

Goromonzi High Schools Motif follows the biblical teaching of David and Goliath: In maroon are 2 shepherds sticks, symbolising how students will be shepherded into success with correct guidance, ethics and morals.[1] Integrity meaning: Honour, Honesty, Respectable, Reliability, Truthfulness. Skill meaning: talent, artistic, ability, expertise, resourceful.[1]

Subjects Offered

There is a wide array of subjects to be studies at Goromonzi. These include Mathematics, English Language & Literature, Sciences, Accounts, Practical Subjects such as Agriculture, Woodwork, Fashion and Fabrics, Home Economics, Shona, Techno Graphics.[1]

Academic Success

Historically, the pass mark at O-Level at Goromonzi High has been more of the number of A grade passes one obtains rather than the mere 5 O-Level pass measure. Students have achieved in excess of 10 A grades at O-Level in the past and this continues. A-Level Students also boast of 15 points and above with the majority seeing themselves through to the various Universities both in Zimbabwe and abroad.[1] In 2012, the then Minister of Education David Coltart revealed that Goromonzi was among the 20 best performing schools in Zimbabwe. The school has produced some famous individuals influential in the country's political circles.[2]

Other Facilities

A Library is available to students and each taught subject comes with text books. There are 4 Junior Science Labs, 2 Senior Labs, a Computer Room, Typing Room, Woodwork Workshop, 2 Home Economics Labs and a Techno-Graphics room amongst other resources.[1] Goromonzi has an array of sports including with above average facilities for Soccer, Netball, Volleyball, Basketball , Tennis, table tennis, cricket, Athletics, swimming pool and other interest activities.[1]


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