Grace Muradzikwa

Grace Muradzikwa was the first black woman to transform an ailing insurance company in 2002 which later became one of the largest short term insurer in Zimbabwe, Nicoz Diamond Insurance (NDI). In 2002, the company was listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange under Muradzikwa's leadership. Muradzikwa also won many accolades and some on behalf of the company. This all has been credited to Muradzikwa ever since her appointment as the Managing Director (MD) of NDI. She is the Commissioner of the Insurance and Pensions Commission (IPEC).

Academic Qualifications

  1. Bachelors Degree in Administration (University of Zimbabwe) (UZ)
  2. Masters in Business Administration (UZ)
  3. IPM Diploma in Personal Management
  4. An Associate of the Insurance Institute of South Africa (AAISA)
  5. Fellow of the Insurance Institute of South Africa (FIISA)


Muradzikwa was inducted into the corporate world at a tender age. She used to manage the family's several businesses which ranged from retail shops, service stations amongst others.[1] She has been in the insurance business for more than two decades and has been credited as the brains behind the success of the company, ND.

Prior to the creation of NDI, Muradzikwa was part of Diamond Insurance Company.[2] She had joined the company in 1988 when it was about to sink and she transformed it. The company was ranked thirteen out of the fourteen insurance companies in Zimbabwe. Within five years under Muradzikwa's leadership, the company was ranked at number three. [2]

In 2002, National Insurance Company of Zimbabwe (NICOZ) and Diamond Insurance Company formed a conglomerate which became known as NDI, which has been dubbed as the country's largest short term insurance company.[3] On 28 October, NDI was listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange and this has been credited to Muradzikwa's skills which managed to brought forth dividends.[2] Since then the company has been expanding and creating branches as well as buying properties in many African nations. Some of NDI associate companies include Clover Leaf Panel Beaters in Zimbabwe as well as Fidelity Life Assurance, FICO in Uganda, UGI in Malawi and Diamond General Insurance in Zambia.[1] Muradzikwa has also been playing a pivotal role in the administration of all these companies.

Other than being at the helm of NDI, Muradzikwa was once the chairperson of the Rainbow Tourism Group. She resigned from that post in 2009 citing that board members were pursuing personal vendettas at the expense of the interests of the group.[4] She is also the chairperson of Buy Zimbabwe Campaign.[5]


  1. Insurance Personality of the Year (1996)
  2. Runner Up, Manager of the Year (2004)
  3. Businesswoman of the Year (2005)


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