Gwisani Moyo
BornGwisani Clement Moyo
(1934-01-10)January 10, 1934
  • Freedom Fighter

Gwisani Moyo was a Zimbabwean nationalist that fought for the freedom of Zimbabwe.


Gwisani Clement Moyo was born in Shabani on 10 January 1934. He was one of the ten sons and seven daughters of a polygamist father. Clement went to Dadaya Mission after reaching Standard III In 1948 he participated in a ‘strike’ against the poor food at the school and was one of a number of pupils temporarily rusticated to the kraal school near his home. He subsequently returned to Dadaya where he quickly completed Standard VI and obtained his UJC.


Gwisani Moyo would be a part of ANC, ZAPU, NDP, Highfield Ratepayers Association during his lifetime.

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Positions Held

1975: Member of the Executive Council ANC, 1976: Deputy National Organising Secretary of ANC


    1. Name## was appointed aide to Joshua Nkomo.