HIFA 2007 - Its Show Time
HIFA 2007 Logo
GenreMusic, Film
Dates1–6 May 2007
Location(s)Harare, Zimbabwe
Years active1999–present
Founded byManuel Bagorro

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2007 - It’s Show Time

The 2007 HIFA was themed It's Show Time. HIFA said of theme on their website:

HIFA 2007 a time to S+how that artistic expression has meaning and purpose for a community that is facing challenging balancing acts every day; a time to Show that in Zimbabwe in 2007, the arts express our desire to make life better for ourselves as individuals and as a diverse community; a time to Show that HIFA and artists recognise the paradoxes faced by Zimbabweans each day as we step out on to our own personal tightrope; most of all, it is a time to Show that creativity surrounds us and makes us smile each day - HIFA 2007 is a celebration of all the small-scale acts of creative heroism that give magic, enchantment, existentialist ideals to ordinary things.[1]

2007 featured 36 Music shows, 26 theatre, 6 Visual Arts, 14 Dance performances, 1 Spoke Word, and 1 Circus. Local artists that performed in 2007 include the Tumbuka Dance Company, The Cool Crooners, The Mbare Trio.[2]

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